Standards for Professional Development

As the state continues to evolve in its expectations for professional development, we need to also be sure we are staying current with the newest trends and requirements.  Several years ago, the state sent out booklets for all educators entitled Organizing for High Quality Professional Development.  If you have filed it away, misplaced it, or don’t remember receiving it – you are able to download it from ODE’s website.


There are two very important sections to this booklet.

1.  It has the extended version of the rubric we need to use to evaluate your IPDP.  
2. Probably most vtal to you are the standards ALL of your professional development activities MUST fit into. 

§  Be sure you understand that ---- when it comes time to renew YOU have to have at least one professional development activity that meets "adequate" for each standard ---- if you don't, you won't be approved for renewal!

Standards for Professional Development:

  1. Students: Effective teachers understand student learning and development, and respect the diverse students that they teach.
  2. Content: Effective teachers have a deep understanding of the content they teach.
  3. Assessment: Effective teachers understand and use varied assessment to evaluate student learning and inform instruction.
  4. Instruction: Effective teachers plan and deliver instruction that is tailored to the needs of each student.
  5. Learning Environment: Effective teachers create safe, supportive and respectful learning environments.
  6. Collaboration and Communication: Effective teachers collaborate and communicate with students, parents, other educators, administrators and community members to support learning.
  7. Professional Responsibility and Growth: Effective teachers understand that professional development is a continuous process for which they are responsible. (This standard is met by having an up-to-date IPDP on file.)

As a way to help you track this, we have designed and a chart (see Forms page).  We recommend that you track your professional development as you complete it – so that you are sure you have met at least “adequate” for each standard before it is time for you to renew.



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