HPDC General Information


To Renew or Transition:

ü  You need 6 semester hours taken during the years of your current certificate/license.  They must match the goal(s) you listed on your Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP).

ü  You will need an official set of transcripts.

ü You need to complete the online application (more specific directions on the Updates page).

ü   You also need to have a FBI/BCI fingerprinting/background check done within the school year that your certificate/license expires.

1 Semester Hour = 3 CEUs

1 CEU = 10 contact hours

So… to renew you need 6 semester hours – which is 18 CEUs – which is 180 contact hours – You can use any combination of them – as long as you get to the required 6 semester hours.  [CEU = Continuing Education Unit] 

ü You need to also have the completed appropriate PD Tracking Sheet(s) for all activities (college hours, CEUs and contact hours). (Download forms here)

üKeep in mind your online application for renewal needs to be completed prior to HPDC being able to review/approve your application for renewal.


Please make sure you talk to an HPDC member if you have any questions.


In-House Professional Development:

ü Throughout the year we have several opportunities for professional development.  We will issue certificates once a year with all of your accumulated hours listed.

ü Please make sure that you sign-in legibly at each of the meetings so that you will get credit for being there.

ü It is your responsibility to keep your certificates and then resubmit them with your application for renewal when the time comes.  We will NOT re-issue certificates.


ü Our meeting schedule is posted in the lounge of each building.  Meetings are open to the staff.  You are welcome to attend to ask any questions or to review your materials during the year.

ü Staff transitioning from a 2-year license to a 5-year license should plan to meet with us prior to turning in all of your materials so that we may review them and make sure everything is in order.  You may pick the meeting that is most convenient for you to attend.



Professional Development Activities:

ü You will find a list of activities that have been approved by HPDC on the PD Options page.  For any of the activities that we will award CEUs you will need to provide the “verification” to HPDC.  This must be done within 2 months of the completion date you list on your pre-approval form.

ü  It is important to be sure you are documenting your PD activities as well as requesting preapproval if it is required. Download forms here

ü We will then issue you a CEU form.  It will be your responsibility to keep it and then resubmit it with your application for renewal when the time comes.

ü If you have other suggestions for PD options, please let an HPDC member know so that we can discuss it and possibly add it for future use.


Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP):

ü Every educator, not on a permanent certificate, must have one on file with HPDC.  You are able to amend your goals and/or add new ones during the life of your current license.  However, keep in mind that goals must be in place and APPROVED prior to any professional development activities.

ü We will send you a blank copy to complete at the beginning of the year that you are starting a new license.  It is very important that you fill it out and return it before our next meeting, so that is may be approved and filed.  Once that happens you are then able to start earning credit toward your next renewal. Download forms here.  Again, keep in mind the professional development activities you choose to do MUST meet the goals you write on your IPDP.  We are NOT able to approve hours that do not meet your goals.

ü It is important that you also review the rubric we must use to score your IPDP – if you do not meet at least “adequate” for each category you will need to revise it and resubmit for approval.



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